GoSELL! Helps simplify and optimize your business operations

Quick setup, easy operation

No need to know code or programming, everything is preset. You just need to drag and drop to use.

Less busy work

A professional multi-channel management system that minimizes workload and saves manpower.

More professional

Synchronized multi-channel branding that provides your customers with a professional experience.

Easier marketing

An integrated multi-channel marketing toolkit and automation that make all marketing activities easy.

Sell more

Promote multichannel sales to increase revenue and profit.

Sell more anywhere, on any platform And comprehensive management with GoSELL

All-in-one ecosystem - Providing you with a multichannel business solution from synchronized management/operations, marketing, Remarketing to comprehensive customer care.

Reach customers and implement multichannel customer Remarketing with an automated marketing toolkit

Smart online marketing support

Integrate Google Ads, Google Smart Shopping, Facebook Pixel, and provide professional advertising campaign services.

Create discount code

Increase order conversion by creating discount code individually for each customer group.

Flash sale

Create flash sale programs directly on your website/app to stimulate quick purchasing decisions from customers.

Push notifications

Send unlimited and free push notifications to customers' phones to enhance brand awareness and boost orders.

Email marketing

Flexibly send unlimited marketing Campaigns via email to drive traffic to your website and sales app, increasing the conversion rate.


Share informative articles or information about your product/service to increase website traffic.


Easily connect with customers, build trust in the product, and increase the conversion rate through Livestream.


Built-in SEO toolkit to optimize your website for Google search engines.

Optimize the multichannel operational and sales processes synchronously

Synchronize product management

Upload and manage all products across multiple channels and branches on a single administrative platform.

Transportation Management

Integrate popular carriers such as GHN, GHTK, Ahamove, and VNpost and reconcile COD amounts directly to your account.

Centralize order tracking and processing

Automatically update new orders, check and process bulk orders from various sales channels within a single management system.

Finance management

Control income and expenses, and manage debts, helping you plan your finances more effectively.

Automatically update multichannel inventory

Strictly control and accurately track the quantity and movement of goods at each branch and across every sales channel.

Payment management

Integrate various payment methods to make it easy and convenient for your customers to pay.

Streamlined ordering process for efficient and standardized customer care

Automatically collect and centrally manage customer information

All detailed customer information across platforms will be automatically gathered and stored, managed on a single platform.

Segmenting target customers

Personalize customer segmentation based on available data to help you optimize marketing Campaigns and business plans.

Nurture, remarket, and close orders for existing customers

Build a loyal customer list and optimize shopping frequency through the implementation of tailored care, marketing, and sales programs.

Build customer loyalty

Give your customers a reason to stay loyal to your business with a loyalty membership program and a synchronized multichannel points redemption system.

Provide sales report analysis tools for real-time detailed visualization

Analyze reports by sales channel

Allowing you to track your entire business performance from platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, TikTok Shop, and GoMUA directly on the GoSELL admin page.

Analyze reports based on platforms

Helps you understand the business performance across channels through revenue reports, detailed order information... to develop accurate business strategies.

Analyze reports by branch

Analyze reports by branch You can compare the operational performance between branches to formulate appropriate business, procurement, and merchandise rotation strategies.

Track employees performance

Manage and accurately track the sales figures, total orders, etc., for each employee at each branch to establish clear reward/punishment policies.

Increase revenue and optimize personnel with our services

marketing services

Bring your brand closer to buyers through marketing services with a professional team, rich in experience.

Operational services

Providing multichannel, multi-platform operational management services to help you address workforce shortages and achieve business success.

Remote sales management app - GoSELLER

Regardless of where you are, at any time, you can track all business activities such as order management, customer management, product management, etc... across multiple channels and branches with just a mobile phone.

Centralize sales data management

Accurately track the quantity of goods

Establishing a multi-level affiliate model

Building a multi-level affiliate model

Easy tracking of service appointment bookings

Easy tracking of service appointment bookings

Create and process orders with just a few taps

Sales management on Facebook and Zalo

Double your sales with Livestream selling

Sales reports at your fingertips

Over 18,000 customers are currently trusting and using the GoSELL solution

Listen to feedback from our customers

Do Thanh Huong

Wise Corridor Vietnam

Thanks to the GoSELL sales application, I've noticed a rapid increase in customer engagement, making it easier and reducing competition with competitors....

Dao Huy Cuong

Cordyceps militaris Huy Cuong

GoSELL has an enthusiastic and attentive support team, making it convenient for individuals like me who are not familiar with information technology...

Trinh Duc Mau

Viet Duc International Dentistry

In the initial stage, we encountered many challenges in managing customer data, updating customer information across hotlines, websites, and apps. However...

Mr. Cuong

Owner of Tin Cuong dearler distributor

Not only supporting Tin Cuong distributor to manage product data up to 2500 SKUs and more in the future...

GoSELL is ready to meet your special requirements

In addition to its available features, GoSELL also supports the design of custom features and integrates an API gateway to facilitate communication with any software you are using.

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GoSELL officially supports linking business payment and shipping accounts with the GoSELL multi-platform

Helping you enhance cash flow control in your business!

Instead of waiting for reconciliation from GoSELL as before, causing delays and difficulties in cash flow management, starting from December 6, 2023, you can now directly receive COD amounts from shipping partners such as GHN, GHTK, Ahamove, VNPost, and through VNPay payment gateway.

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