GoWEB Website thương mại điện tử


Build Your E-commerce Website

With GoSell, you can own your fully featured e-commerce Website, support payment and shipping. Help you easily reach thousands of customers who are looking for information about the products.
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GoAPP App bán hàng thương hiệu riêng


Create Your Branded Mobile App

With the app, your customers will always see and remember your brand. You can also interact with your customers via mobile notifications about new products and promotions.
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GoPOS Phần mềm bán hàng tại cửa hàng


Solutions For Your In-Store Sales

Manage all business activities in the store from products, employees, revenue to promotions and customer care. Support for statistical and reporting tools.
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GoOMNI Công cụ quản lý đa sàn


Omnichannel Synchronization

Synchronize orders directly from top e-commerce platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, Beecow on a single interface. Save time, effort and maximum efficiency of work
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Marketing tools and resources to help you improve Google search ranking, run Facebook ads, and send ads to your existing customers.
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Keep track of customer and their order information. Communicate with your customers via email and push notifications to drive repeat sales.
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Bank transfer payments will settle directly to your bank account. Other payment methods will be settled to your bank account quickly.
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With GoSell, you can choose to ship your products to customers via GHN, GHTK, VNPost, or choose to deliver to customer with the method of your own choosing.
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Book an appointment

Create web site and mobile apps with which customers can book appointments. Great for spa, hair salons, dental offices, and many other service businesses.
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Every business needs to measure their performance so they can continuously take action to improve. GoSell shows you the key metrics that impacts your business so you can make better decisions.
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GoSell frequently releases new tools to help our customers sell more.

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  • GoSellers App

    Easy business management application from anywhere. Support to view order details, confirm orders quickly in just a few clicks, accurate notification.

    Released on March 2020
  • Barcode

    Introducing the barcode feature to manage products and customers. Scan codes easily with GoSeller App, convenient both in customer confirmation and creating orders for shop owner.

    Released on March 2020
  • SEO Website

    Support SEO feature for website. Ensure the length of text on your website is always reasonable in any position from: product name, description, content .... Help your website more beautiful, more professional.

    Released on March 2020
  • Splash screen

    Customize the welcome screen on App to increase brand recognition and notify upcoming promotions

    Released on February 2020
  • GoPOS

    Create and print invoices quickly, store customer information right in the store, support payment

    Released on February 2020
  • Gochat

    Capture customer data into GoSell when customers communicate with you on Facebook, then leverage the powerful GoSell tools to communicate and promote your business with them.

    Released on January 2020
  • Import/ Export

    GoSell let’s you import and export customer data. With all customer data in GoSell, you can leverage the full power of GoSell to communicate and promote.

    Released on January 2020
  • Google Analytics

    Now you can monitor your web site traffic, see what products get the most views, and understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

    Released on January 2020
  • Facebook pixel

    Track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already visited your website.

    Released on January 2020

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