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GoSell is the only platform that help you create e-commerce mobile apps and web site complete with payment and shipping support. GoSell helps you build customer database, promotion and loyalty programs. Our powerful tools help you drive new traffic to your business and help you enhance existing customer relationships to generate repeat sales.

Learn how to increase sales

Using web site to find new customers

New customers are looking for products and service online. If you don’t have a web site and strategies to improve search results in Google, they will not find you. GoSell will help you create feature rich e-commerce web site complete with payment and logistics support. Your new customers will look for you online, start with a web site so they can find you.

Using mobile app to keep existing customers loyal

GoSell helps you create your own ecommerce mobile apps. It’s important for your customers to install your branded iOS and Android mobile apps on their devices. They will always see your app on their phone so your brand name is always fresh on their minds. With your branded mobile apps, you can also push notifications to your customers’ mobile devices to remind them of new product arrivals or promotions. The mobile apps also work like a membership card.

Using discounts and loyalty programs to lure your customers back to you

Who doesn’t love a sales promotion? GoSell gives you complete control and flexibility to customize promotion programs to drive customers back to your business so they buy from your business again and again.

Powerful customer management tools to identify potential sales

Are you collecting customer data? GoSell provides you with powerful tools so you can see your customer data the way you want. You want to know which customers are spending the most on what products? GoSell make it extremely easy to see trends in your customer and sales data and help you identify potential revenue sources. Communicate with your customers via email and push notification.

GoSell – Help you sell more

Features of GoSell

Build your own branded ecommerce web site so
customers can find you. Full support for payment and shipping.

Get customers to install your Android and iOS apps
so that they will always see your brand on their phone.

Marketing tools and resources to help you improve Google search ranking, run Facebook ads, and send ads to your existing customers.

GoSell can connect to your Lazada, Shopee, and Beecow stores and synchronize product and order information with those e-commerce platforms.

Create web site and mobile apps with which customers can book
appointments. Great for spa, hair salons, dental offices, and many other service businesses.

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Keep track of customer and their order information.
Communicate with your customers via email and push notifications to drive repeat sales

Bank transfer payments will settle directly to your bank account. Other payment methods will be settled to your bank account quickly.

With GoSell, you can choose to ship your products to customers via GHN, GHTK, VNPost, or choose to deliver to customer with the method of your own choosing.

Every business needs to measure their performance so they can continuously take action to improve. GoSell shows you the key metrics that impacts your business so you can make better decisions.

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Latest features

GoSell frequently releases new tools to help our customers sell more.

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  • Gochat

    Capture customer data into GoSell when customers communicate with you on Facebook, then leverage the powerful GoSell tools to communicate and promote your business with them.

    Released on January 2020
  • Import/ Export

    GoSell let’s you import and export customer data. With all customer data in GoSell, you can leverage the full power of GoSell to communicate and promote.

    Released on January 2020
  • Google Analytics

    Now you can monitor your web site traffic, see what products get the most views, and understand your site and app users to better evaluate the performance of your marketing, content, products, and more.

    Released on January 2020
  • Facebook pixel

    Track conversions from Facebook ads, optimize ads, build targeted audiences for future ads, and remarket to people who have already visited your website.

    Released on January 2020

New sellers are discovering the benefits of GoSell everyday.

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What does the press say about GoSell?

  • GENK
  • With the slogan "Help you sell more ", Gosell can reach many businesses quickly and create many benefits for them in sales, Gosell will also be a factor to help improve and develop e-commerce industry in Vietnam Read more

  • Owning a comprehensive sales support solution such as the Website and App with payment and logistic, the seller will get more customers' trust. Especially helping sellers grow business in the long run. Read more

  • Knowing the core of the problem is in "multichannel" and "management", MediaStep Software company has launched Gosell - an "all in one" platform for online businesses. Gosell provides a solution to serve the needs of managing all sales channels at the same time such as mobile apps, websites, and stores on E-commerce stores. Read more

  • GoSell's representative shared: The majority of Vietnamese merchants mainly grown their businesses on Facebook. However, Facebook does not support payment and shipping, especially payment via credit card. Owning a comprehensive sales support solution such as the Website and App with payment and logistic, the seller will get more customers' trust. Especially helping sellers grow business in the long run. Read more

  • This sales support platform promises to help businesses build an online business system quickly, easily, and effectively with a reasonable cost, according to Gosell's core goal of "don't need to spend too much" effort and cost but still achieve the highest business efficiency ". Read more

  • According to the publisher, when using Gosell, seller can build a sales ecosystem. The main features of the product are support for building websites, mobile app for both Android and IOS, online payment with 21 banks and support logistic such as GIAOHANGNHANH, GIAOHANGTIETKIEM Read more