Customer management

Are you collecting customer information from your existing customers, new customers, and prospects who have shown interest in your products or services? Do you know what customers purchased from you in the past? By managing customer data, you will have better insight and anticipate what your customers will want and need. You will be able to message your customer via email and push notifications so your customers stay loyal to your business and keep doing business with you.

Track everyone that connected with your business

GoSell lets you collect customer information from people that registered on your web site, purchased from you, or messaged you on Facebook messenger. By collecting customer information, you will have better insight into the customer purchasing preferences and patterns.

  • Collect customers data from registrations
  • Collect customer data from order information
  • Collect customer data from people interacting with you on Facebook
  • Import customer information from other sources

See order history of every customer, manage with separate barcode for each customer.

Understanding customers is the best way you can come up with attractive programs that attract customers to return to buy more. Moreover, with separate barcode for each customer’s account, you can identify customers, customers can accumulate membership points with extremely simple code scanning.

Reach only the customers you want to reach

GoSell lets you segment your customers into groups based on many different criterias including registration date, amount purchased, amount spent, customer’s location, app installation status, and more. This allows you to send messages to customers that satisfy your criteria and offer them discounts or promotions. With GoSell, you can easilty set up special promotions to customers in An Giang province who purchased more then 5,000,000 dong and communicate with them about the promotion and the discount code that they can use.

  • Segment customer data by order amount or volume
  • Segment customer data by geographical location
  • Segment customer data by mobile phone installation
  • Segment customer data by registration or purchase dates