GoSell provides you with tools and resources to drive traffic to your business, find new customers, and also to keep the old customers coming back to buy more. With GoSell, you can keep a close relationship with your customers so they stay loyal to your business.

Customers find you via Google searches

Your branded web site is indexed by Google. When customers are looking for product and services, they will find your product and services quickly and easily.

  • All GoSell web sites are Google indexed.
  • Customize title, and meta tags to improve search engine optimization

Facebook Integration to help you market to your audiences

You can easily integrate your branded web site powered by GoSell with Facebook Pixel. Now you can track how your visitors from Facebook are using the web site, track conversion, and send customers ads based on their usage of your branded web site

  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Track conversion
  • Track Facebook visitors to web site
  • Retarget Facebook visitors with effective ads

Google Analytics integration track visitor usage data

Your branded web site and mobile apps can be easily integrated with Google Analytics so that you can track the number of people visiting your web site and using your branded mobile apps. Track what products have the most interest and how your visitors are using your web site and mobile apps. These are powerful tools that can help you optimize your web site and mobile app content to achieve greater sales result.

  • Google Analytics integration
  • Real time visitor tracking
  • Top viewed product/pages in web site
  • Top view products in mobile app
  • Limitless tracking and analytic possibilities.

Marketing Resources to help you launch marketing campaigns

GoSell partners with some of the best digital marketing agencies in Vietnam. If you want to launch Facebook or Google ad campaigns, talk to us. We will refer you to a qualified and experienced digital marketing agency to help you drive traffic to your web site and improve mobile app install rate.

  • Top marketing agencies in Vietnam
  • Cost effective plans from marketing agencies
  • Drive traffic to your web site to find new customers

Facebook Chat integration in web site and mobile apps (GoChat)

Your customers can instantly chat with you over Facebook messenger from your branded web site or mobile apps. You can provide exceptional customer service by providing answers to their questions immediately. Most importantly, you can add the Facebook visitor to your customer database and message them later about product arrivals and promotions.

  • Facebook chat inside the ecommerce web site
  • Facebook chat inside the mobile apps
  • Chat with your customers and prospects from GoSell admin console.
  • Capture Facebook users and add them your customer database. Market to them.

Send customized emails to your customers

With GoSell, you can create customized email messages and send to your customers. You have full control over the email content. You can include pictures and videos in the email. You can select the customer segment that receives the email. Use this to tell your customers and prospects about new product arrivals and promotions.

  • Full control over email content – support picture and videos
  • Send email to all customers or a customer segment.
  • Send discount codes to customers to encourage sales

Send mobile push notifications to your customers

Notify your customers about your new product arrivals and promotional sales by sending them a mobile push notification to their phones. The notifications will immediately alert the customer and show up on their home or lock screen. Guaranteed to attract their attention.

  • Create custom push notification content.
  • Include pictures in the push notification.
  • Configure what to show when the customer taps on the notification

Discounts and Promotions

Discounts and promotions are effective sales tools to drive sales from new customers and get new attention from existing customers. With GoSell, you can customize your discount and promotion programs. You can create discounts codes that apply to variety of conditions so you can optimize sales and margin.

  • Create discount codes
  • Discount codes can only used by qualified customer segments
  • Discount codes can be % off, or fixed value.
  • Discounts can be applied to a single product, multiple products or based on order value
  • Complete control over how discounts codes can be used by customers

Loyalty Program

Customers love loyalty programs. They understand the more they buy, the more discount they get. With GoSell, you can implement loyalty program easily and apply it to all your customers.

  • Create loyalty program of any number of tiers
  • Set the conditions of the program tiers
  • Set the reward of the program tiers

Custom Landing pages

Create pages in your web site any way you want. Create custom landing pages that tell the story of your products and services in even more detail. Full control over words, pictures and video. Close more deals with custom landing pages.