Increasingly, customers are paying by credit card and ATM cards. GoSell creates your ecommerce web site and mobile apps with payment support so you can receive credit card, and ATM payments. In addition, we also support COD and bank transfer payments. Bank transfer payments will settle directly to your bank account. Other payment methods will be settled to your bank account quickly.

Fastest way to set up credit card and ATM payment for your business

You no longer have to fill paperwork and wait weeks for banks so that your business can accept credit cards and ATM payment. With GoSell, your web site and mobile apps will accept credit card and ATM payments. The money received from customers will be funded to your bank account 3 times a month.

  • Accept Visa and Mastercard
  • Accept ATM payment for 40+ Banks
  • Money funded to your bank account 3 times a month.

Cash on Delivery payment support

GoSell will help you deliver your products and collect money from the customer so you don’t have to worry about shipping and money collection. Money collected will be funded to your bank account 3 times a month.

  • Product pick up and delivery by GHN, GHTK, and VNPost
  • Money funded to your account 3 times a month

Pay by bank transfer

You can also accept payment directly to your bank account through bank transfers. Your customers will choose bank transfer option when checking out, and you will confirm payment before delivery.

  • Money directly funded to your bank account
  • You manage the delivery of products with bank transfer payments

Accept deposits and prepayments from your customer

Sometimes your customers want to pay a deposit for a product you need to restock or services not yet rendered. With GoSell, customers can put a deposit on a product or prepay for a service to show their commitment to buy. You can set the policy on the size of the deposit required.

  • Customer can deposit/prepay for a product/services
  • You decide how much is the deposit or prepay amount.