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Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL

Business model OAO
Breakthrough solutions for retail businesses in Vietnam

If O2O is a form of digital transformation from offline to online, then OAO business model will be the best solution combining online and offline sales channels. And if the website is the online sales address of the business, the store is the place to shop for the best real experience and customer retention. Therefore, OAO will be the beginning of a revolution that will change the situation of the retail industry in Vietnam in the next few years.

What is OAO?

Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL

What is OAO?

OAO (Online and Offline) is a business model that combines both online and offline models. This is a relatively new model of business in Vietnam, OAO helps businesses attract potential customers from online sales channels to traditional stores.

As digital technology evolves, online and offline must always go hand in hand so that businesses can survive sustainably. The OAO model can be applied to all industries, especially the retail industry. In China, up to 40% of consumers prefer to interact with brands in the actual store. Therefore, "everyone goes online" is understood as there was traditional model and now there is online model, but online can not completely replace offline. In Vietnam, many industries take advantage of the research of consumer behavior and successfully apply these two practices.

Therefore, if the offline model is the point that makes a difference to face the "invasion" of the online model from outside companies. They can dominate the online market in just one day, but with offline it is absolutely impossible. Therefore, if you combine both online and offline business, this is definitely the key to success to help you stand firm in the market.

How has the OAO model changed the retail industry?

It can be said that retail businesses have gradually changed themselves and have many breakthroughs when applying the OAO model. Even one of the e-commerce giants like is adopting this business model. A clear testament to this story is that started opening its first bookstore in China in January 2016.

It can be seen that the combination of online and offline business models is the most optimal solution for the retail industry, when this is still a race of the big players in the e-commerce industry. They are increasingly paying special attention to the link between the online shopping experience and the traditional behavior of customers. Creating an online website that resonates well with offline stores will be a sales platform for businesses to grow in the most sustainable way in the future.

Wise retailers.

Currently, there are many retailers in Vietnam that have been embarking on the exploitation of OAO business model to create a large revenue source for their companies. And wise retailers have gradually dominated the market and outpaced their competitors. They have discovered various customer approaches on both online and offline platforms. However, for the most part, this OAO business strategy is still quite new to our market. Therefore, it is not too late for retail businesses to apply and grow in the future if you know how to seize this opportunity.

OAO is more than what is searching through Google

OAO market is much broader than searching through Google

Some methods of reaching users through Google searches are just one of the ways that the OAO model approaches the retail industry. There are many different ways for businesses to apply this model through the Internet platform. And GoSELL is the one that can help you successfully implement the OAO model. We are a companion and have extensive experience in helping retail businesses apply this model in many different markets. Therefore, if you want to apply the OAO model in your business process, GoSELL is the perfect choice for you.

Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL

GoSELL - The "perfect" combination for the OAO business model

Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL
Super weapons #1

GoWEB - E-commerce Website Design Services

If you are looking to apply the OAO model to your store and still do not have an official website. Come to GoWEB, in just 10 minutes you will have an e-commerce website, customers can freely design the web as they please without having to know about code or programming. GoWEB will be the launchpad to help you create thousands of orders every day, break through the revenue, save maximum branding costs.

Super weapons #2

GoAPP - App That Supports Online Sales on the Phone

Currently, more than 90 million vietnamese people use their phones every day. So what do you think whenever they open their phone, they see your brand first? This will definitely help you reach a large number of potential customers. Just log into the APP on your phone, your customers can easily shop and collect points extremely simple, get promotional notifications from the store easily. GoAPP will always be a customer's companion everywhere, anytime and anytime.

Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL
Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL
Super weapons #3

GoPOS - Multichannel Sales Management Software

If you used to be struggling to manage employees, initiate orders for customers, or track delivery, now with GoPOS you can manage everything on a single interface. This software is not only applicable to the online form but also to offline stores. Especially with the integration of product scanners to help the in-store payment process quickly. This management will help you synchronize customer data sources, develop the right marketing strategy and successfully run the OAO model.

Super weapons #4

GoLEAD - Using Landing Page to Collect Customer Information

Design a professional, beautiful landing page about the product you want to market. A huge treasure trove of interfaces suitable for a variety of different professions. Plus, the great resonance of Facebook Pixel, SEO, and Google Analytics helps you optimize your ad strategy in the best way. This will help you reach more customers, gather buyer information quickly and increase the number of visitors to the website significantly.

Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL
Mô hình OAO là gì? Cách chiếm lĩnh thị trường với mô hình OAO | GoSELL
Super weapons #5

GoEXPORT - Comprehensive export method for businesses

GoSELL is not only the one to help you break through domestic revenue, but we are also the one to help you reach the world. As one of the strategic partners of the e-commerce industry called GoEXPORT will be the solution to help you reach more than 12 million customers in more than 190 different countries. It can be said that this is the solution that any business that wants to expand its business model needs to know about.

This is just the beginning.

GoSELL is the one synthesize all the tools to help you manage and reach customers in the fastest and most effective way. Help you identify potential customers and generate the best sales for your store. These valuable tools will help you in sending emails, push notifications to all customers, or filtering customers based on their shopping history. These supporting analytics tools will allow you to have a better overview of your business and in the marketing strategies you've implemented. Through this, we can be confident that there is no better sales platform than GoSELL in applying the OAO business model in the market today.