GoSell Features

GoSell is the only platform that help you create e-commerce mobile apps and web site complete with payment and shipping support. GoSell helps you build customer database, promotion and loyalty programs. Our powerful tools help you drive new traffic to your business and help you enhance existing customer relationships to generate repeat sales.

Customer management

Are you collecting customer information from your existing customers, new customers, and prospects who have shown interest in your products or services? Do you know what customers purchased from you in the past? By managing customer data, you will have better insight and anticipate what your customers will want and need. You will be able to message your customer via email and push notifications so your customers stay loyal to your business and keep doing business with you.

  • Collect customers data from registrations
  • Collect customer data from order information
  • Collect customer data from Facebook
  • Order history of every customer
  • Import customer data from other sources
  • Segment customer data by order amount or volume
  • Segment customer data by geographical location
  • Segment customer data by mobile phone installation
  • Segment customer data by registration or purchase dates
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Book appointments

Spa, hair salons, dental offices and many other services can use GoSell to create web sites and mobile apps that allow customers to book time. You can confirm these bookings and reschedule whenever there is a conflict by proposing a different time for the appointment. Customers can set their own appointments so that you can focus on serving your customers and not worry about customers showing up at your business unexpectedly.

  • Multiple location support
  • Create multiple time slots for customers to choose
  • Email and push notifications to customers to remind them of the appointment
  • Change appointment support
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Increasingly, customers are paying by credit card and ATM cards. GoSell creates your ecommerce web site and mobile apps with payment support so you can receive credit card, and ATM payments. In addition, we also support COD and bank transfer payments. Bank transfer payments will settle directly to your bank account. Other payment methods will be settled to your bank account quickly.

  • Accept Visa/Mastercard paymemnt
  • Payment transfer support for 25 banks
  • Cash on delivery payment support
  • Bank transfer support
  • Deposit/Prepay support
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With GoSell, you can choose to ship your products to customers via GHN, GHTK, VNPost, or choose to deliver to customer with the method of your own choosing.

  • Delivery nationwide with GHN
  • Delivery nationwide with GHTK
  • Delivery nationwide with VNPost
  • Deliver yourself or by a third party that you choose
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GoSell provides you with tools and resources to drive traffic to your business, find new customers, and also to keep the old customers coming back to buy more. With GoSell, you can keep a close relationship with your customers so they stay loyal to your business.

  • Web site to drive Google search traffic to your business
  • Facebook integration to drive traffic from Facebook
  • Collect customer data from Facebook
  • Google Analytics integration to monitor your web site and mobile app usage patterns
  • Resources to help you run digital marketing campaigns to find new customers
  • Facebook chat in web site and mobile apps
  • Send customized emails to your customers
  • Send customized push notifications to your customers’ phones
  • Use discount codes to attract new customers and bring old ones back
  • Use loyalty programs to encourage customers to buy more
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Multi-Channel management

GoSell can connect to your Lazada, Shopee, and Beecow stores and synchronize product and order information with those e-commerce platforms. This allows you to manage all product and order information in one system. You don’t have to create products in multiple different systems, just do it in GoSell.

  • Synchronize product information across Lazada, Shopee, Beecow and GoSell
  • Create a product and push it to Lazada, Shopee, and Beecow
  • Automatically create a Beecow store when you use GoSell
  • Manage orders from Lazada, Shopee, Beecow and GoSell in one screen.
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Every business needs to measure their performance so they can continuously take action to improve. GoSell shows you the key metrics that impacts your business so you can make better decisions.

  • Customer contact information
  • The total value of purchases
  • Order history
  • Interaction / Purchase history
  • The average value of the order
  • The total number of items created in the shop
  • Total orders
  • Total revenue
  • Total number of sold items
  • Total Appointment
  • Customer segmentation
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