Expand market with business agency model

  • Business agency network will serve as an intermediary bridge to connect your products/brand with consumers. They will stock products and proactively employ various marketing methods, promote products, stimulate customer shopping demand, and, in turn, earn substantial income from attractive discounts according to your business strategy.
  • Resellers can also recruit staff and second-level agents to boost productivity and achieve more sales, contributing to exponential revenue growth for you without exerting too much operational effort. Because everything can be managed on GoSELL!

It's time to develop the business agency network due to...

Expand and reach the local market

Help you reach deeper into the local market: Sell more while increasing brand awareness at a low cost.

Gain benefits from the business agency network

Indirectly expand the sales network by secondary agents, to grow revenue without having to directly manage, train, etc.

Save and optimize sales efficiently

Only with GoSELL, you can comprehensively manage the sales activities of your reseller network without too much time or support personnel.

Empower your business agency partners

To easily manage and closely monitor your affiliates, with GoSELL, you can provide affiliates:

Transparent discount policy.

The discount policy is transparent from the start and accurately tracked on the system.

Support e-Commerce website

Provide each of your affiliates with a standard e-Commerce website with full features to support sales and marketing.

Online warehouse

Provide smart online warehouse resellers with links to your total warehouse.

Allowing credit terms

The system allows your agent to import goods and pay debts and strictly manage. Help agents easily balance cash flow

Comprehensive management of the business agency network with just one GoSELL management platform

Flexibly manage subscriptions and affiliate information in detail

GoSELL supports you to create forms for agents to register to sell your products through the website/sales app. All data is aggregated into the administration platform for you to manage registered agent information and operate with specific categories.

Active operations of the agents

Confirmed, active sales agents in your network.

Pending approval for agents

Agents are created and are in a pending confirmation state. You can perform activation confirmation or denial with just one operation.

Unapproved agents

Agents are rejected due to non-conformity or unsatisfactory.

Optimizing the business performance of sales agents

GoSELL allows you to offer improved sales tools to sales agents, optimizing performance while supporting flexible information management, including orders, inventory, customer information, shipping history, all centralized on the GoSELL admin page.

Manage agent price

Depending on your policy, you may allow resellers to change the price of your products when selling or force them to use your default price to avoid dumping that affects other Resellers.

Manage orders

All orders from sales agents are collected and stored in the GoSELL management system, enabling you to quickly track and retrieve order data for each agent. This facilitates easy reconciliation of order numbers, inventory revenue, and updating the best discounts for sales agents.

Manage inventory

The reseller's online inventory that you have authorized them through the reseller website will help you easily track their inventory, so that you can know the best-selling and non-selling products to make appropriate policies for the reseller to push.

At the same time, the system also allows you to manage the process of shipping and warehousing for agents automatically and ensure accuracy.

Manage customers

All customer information coming from the agent is automatically collected and synchronously updated on your management system. You can easily track customers and not worry about losing customers when the agency stops working with you.

Managing detailed discount rates
for each sales agent

In addition to easily setting up revenue discounts for resellers according to your business strategy, you can also create discount strategies for all products, or by designated products/collections to implement increased demand from resellers at any period you want.

With the GoSELL admin page, you can accurately and transparently manage the above reseller discounts in many different categories such as:

  • Total discount
  • Approved discounts
  • Paid discount
  • Unpaid discount

Start building your reseller network with GoSELL
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