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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a single web page with centrally built content, designed to quickly capture the attention of customers. It serves as a tool to facilitate the deployment of highly effective marketing and sales campaigns, with the goal of collecting information, increasing website conversion rates, and stimulating shopping behavior.

GoLEAD - A solution that makes it easy for you to create professional Landing Pages, attracting customers

Choose a Landing Page templates that fit your needs

Bringing a store of Landing Page themes with a variety of designs for you to choose from, ensuring to suit all industries and purposes of each campaign.

Ensure that the Landing Page is displayed optimally on various devices

Landing Page is designed to be compatible with a variety of devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile phones, helping you convey comprehensive information and visually engage customers.

Freedom to customize Landing Page according to your preferences with HTML code

Allowing you to edit the details of components within your Landing Page with HTML code to create pages that best suit your requirements and goals.

A platform for designing professional Landing Pages
suitable for each specific campaign

Landing Page for collecting customer information

Steering towards marketing campaigns, attract viewers' interest, and consequently gather information about potential customers through registration forms, consolidating integrated data on the Landing Page.

Promote conversion rate with Landing Page

Aimed at increasing the customer conversion rate to your website by combining it with advertising on Google and Facebook.

Selling Landing Page

Introduce your products and services directly on the Landing Page, stimulate shopping behavior, and guide customers to the shopping page on your website for order placement and quick payment.

Provide you with maximum convenience and satisfaction throughout the Landing Page design and operation process

Simplify your Landing Page process with incredibly easy drag-and-drop actions, effortlessly add or remove Landing Page components, making it accessible for anyone to design a polished page on their own.

Publish your Landing Page quickly as soon as the design is complete, allowing you to start a marketing and sales campaign right away. You can also stop publishing landing pages to end your campaign at any time.

Save design time and effort by creating unlimited clones of completed landing pages. You can seamlessly continue to use them in your subsequent campaigns.

“The solutions from GoSELL have greatly assisted us in sales management and have significantly improved our marketing activities.”

Ms. Thanh Huong

Co-Founder & CEO, V LIVE Vietnam

Intergrate modern support tools on the Landing Page to enhance your reach and attract customers

Banner Ads


Information collection template

Countdown timer


Lucky spin

Optimize each stage in the operation of your Landing Page to achieve the set goals

Implement advertisement campaign

Bring your professional landing page closer to potential customers through the implementation of Google Ads, Facebook Ads campaigns. Bring great reach and wide information coverage to customers.

Direct engagement via chatbox

Help your customers proactively, easily find, contact and request advice through the Facebook message dialog, Zalo is integrated directly on the landing page.

From landing page yo website

Allows you to set up and display links, links on landing pages, help direct customers to specific Web pages on your website, contribute to increasing conversion rates, sales.

Evaluate the effectiveness for each campaign

Help you measure and analyze the detailed results of each landing page campaign through integrated measurement tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel.

Accurately manage customer data and orders obtained from landing page campaigns

Synchronize customer data obtained from landing page campaigns with the CRM system

Customer data collection

All customer information obtained from landing page campaigns will be synchronized and stored seamlessly on the GoSELL CRM system.

Customer segmentation

You can group customers from landing page according to characteristics and separate information to manage in a more detailed and accurate way.

Implement Remarketing campaign

Easily build Remarketing campaigns to close sales by making phone calls through the hotline, Zalo/SMS messages, or personalized Email Marketing for specific customer groups.

Synchronize and manage orders obtained from landing page campaigns on the GoSELL system.

  • Synchronize all order data obtained from landing page campaigns with other sales channels, store and display centrally on GoSELL's admin page.

  • Help you manage more conveniently on the same platform, filter, track and manage orders obtained from all or each landing page campaign you have done.

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Choose suitable templates, edit elements to meet the purpose of campaign.

Implement campaign

Publish the completed landing page and start deployment.

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