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Consulting & planning for multi-channel advertising strategy.

Provides a comprehensive view of the brand in the market context, outlines customer personas, and develops strategies to reach them on multiple platforms, stimulating demand for purchases and growing revenue.
  • Research and analyze your product/ service from multiple perspectives across various platforms.
  • Conduct market analysis and live competitor research.
  • Develop customer profiles and understand their shopping behavior.
  • Strategically plan advertising strategies (content, multi-channel forms at each stage) and provide operational consulting to optimize costs and achieve high efficiency.

Implementing Google AdWords advertising campaigns

A comprehensive Google Ad implementation service package helps you reach potential customers on the world's leading search engine, increasing click-through rates and directing traffic to your business's sales website.
  • Research your product/ service and devise a comprehensive advertising plan, including content, format, and budget.
  • Propose and manage various types of advertising, such as search, display, shopping, and video on Google.
  • Track and report detailed campaign performance.
  • Provide customer portrait analysis and assess consumer behavior for your business's products/ services after the campaign concludes.

Implementing Facebook/ Instagram advertising campaigns

Operate Facebook/ Instagram advertising campaigns in various formats to meet your diverse advertising goals, expand your potential customer base, and provide guidance on tactics to nurture the customer community after the campaign.
  • Research and analyze customer behavior for your business/ brand on the Facebook/ Instagram platform.
  • Set advertising campaign goals for each stage, such as increasing awareness, likes, expanding customer files, boosting brand love, and enhancing interaction.
  • Deploy a variety of interactive advertising forms, including image/ video ads, articles, livestreams, carousels, etc.
  • Monitor and update effective reports, assess budget situations at each stage, and make appropriate adjustments.
  • Provide consultation on loyal customer care tactics on Fanpage and the Instagram channel after the campaign to increase repurchase rates and service usage.

Implementing TikTok advertising campaigns

Consulting and supporting the comprehensive implementation of TikTok advertising campaigns to help you reach potential young customers, increase interaction, and guide purchases on TikTok Shop as well as your own website or app.
  • Research and analyze the behavior of the brand's potential customer file on the platform.
  • Plan and recommend a variety of advertising genres and content on TikTok, including In-Feed Ads, TikTok Brand Takeover, Hashtag Challenge, and Top View.
  • Support the production of a comprehensive advertising content package tailored to customer needs, including professional scripting, shooting, and post-production.
  • Track and update reports, providing detailed analysis.

Advertising on Lazada, Shopee platforms

Provide services to run product ads, set up stores, and more on e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada to boost the closing rate and increase the number of orders.
  • Support you in optimizing stores on e-commerce platforms to enhance prestige and optimize the closing rate.
  • Consult and deploy various types of advertising on the platform to increase awareness and surpass competitors, including shop/ product search advertising, discover advertising, etc.
  • Optimize the ROI and initial budget of the campaign.
  • Provide detailed reporting and analysis, proposing the best directions for advertising implementation.
  • Track and report ad performance at regular intervals with you.

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