Sell more, boost revenue with GoSOCIAL

Assist you in advising and taking care of customers on Facebook and Zalo 24/7, increasing the deal closure rate by up to 130%.

Zero-cost remarketing

Automatically messaging thousands of customers at a glance, stimulating old customers to buy again without incurring costs, and saving time on manual operations.

Double the sales revenue

Store information on a single platform, helping you quickly capture purchase history to introduce new and suitable products and increase order value.

Conversion rate up to 130%

Increase customer experience to convert viewers into buyers with a variety of sales scenarios and professional customer care.

Initiate orders and process them right when you are chatting with customers

Manage sync messages

Administration is more convenient when all private message data with customers up to 5 Facebook and Zalo OA Fanpages are concentrated on a single platform.

Chat and place orders simultaneously

Quickly create and update order processing statuses instantly on the customer chat box.

Flexible payment and shipping options

Meet all customer needs when integrating a variety of payment and shipping methods.

Allow payment of debts

Your customers can buy debts and accumulate multiple orders to pay in one go.

Stimulate demand through discounts

Allows you to enter discount codes by a specific percentage or amount during the booking process to increase the "touch point" of shopping offers for customers instantly.

Upgrade working performance of employees
Increase customer interaction-Boost quick sale closures

Centrallized management

GoSOCIAL allows linking up to 05 Facebook Fanpages and a Zalo OA, enabling convenient management, customer care, and order processing on a single interface.

Automatically customer feedback

Set up chatbot to automatically respond to comments in advertising campaigns. This not only saves manpower but also helps filter potential customers for advertising campaigns.

Group customers with tag labels

You can tag customers, filter conversations by tags for easy tracking, searching, and grouping of customers, supporting the building of personalized marketing/remarketing campaigns.

Distribute roles for customer care staff

Display unread messages directly on the Facebook chat icon and automatically assign staff to respond to customer messages, ensuring you don't miss any of their messages.

Understanding deeply for comprehensive customer care with integrated CRM

Synchronize multi-channel customer data, helping you grasp customer insights across various channels.

  • Collect, store, and display all customer information (personal details, orders, purchase amounts, etc.) within the chat frame, making it easy for you to capture insights while chatting.

  • Synchronize customer information from Facebook and Zalo with other sales channels (website, app, GoMUA, offline store) to group and analyze customers for effective remarketing.

Encourage repeat purchases from existing customers with automated remarketing tools

Optimize costs and marketing efficiency with intelligent automation tools, stimulating repeat purchases from existing customers, increasing order values, and boosting revenue explosively.

Facebook broadcast

Easily deploy automatic promotion campaigns for promotions, new collections, discounts, flash sales, etc., reaching a wide range of customers at a glance via Facebook messenger.

Email marketing

Increase engagement, advertise products, and build close relationships with thousands of customers through professionally crafted, visually appealing personalized email messages.

Automatic SMS

Coming soon

Create SMS campaigns based on templates or creatively crafted messages targeting specific customer groups to stimulate more purchases with cost-effective strategies.

Provide an overview of business performance across Facebook and Zalo

Exercise comprehensive control and management over business operations and efficiency with a detailed reporting system, easily applicable with intelligent filters for specific categories.

Employment performance report

Capture revenue details of each sales consultant to have a reasonable bonus/penalty strategy.

Detailed revenue report

Monitor the business effectiveness of each chat channel to allocate personnel and tailor marketing campaigns according to the appropriate channels.

Top-selling product statistics

Track the business performance of each product to devise the best strategy for restocking or managing inventory effectively.

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