Overall SEO strategy of GoSELL Optimize your own website comprehensively

Optimizing keywords to the top of search engines (SEO Keyword)

  • Develop a set of most-searched keywords that align with your brand image and products to easily appear at the top of search results.
  • Implement a series of articles that are not only technically SEO-optimized with keywords but also provide comprehensive and useful product information to attract visits and optimize the time spent on the website.
  • Monitor, maintain, and update content to progressively improve the ranking of articles and your website over time.

OnPage SEO - Optimize the entire website for SEO

  • Check and upgrade your website, optimize page loading speed to bring the best experience to your customers.
  • Implementing SEO techniques for each page on the website, utilizing sitemaps, meta tags, and heading tags to enhance and achieve higher rankings on Google and other search pages.
  • Reviewing and addressing duplicate content issues both within and outside the website to enhance your overall SEO quality.

SEO Offpage - Leveraging Factors to Boost website SEO Score

  • Conduct quality backlinks to increase credibility, drive traffic and improve your brand/ product image.
  • Supporting the creation and management of social profiles for brands.
  • Developing an effective content Marketing strategy across multiple channels (PR, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Forum, etc.) to increase backlinks and enhance the brand's presence on various social media platforms.
  • Propose and implement effective off-page SEO tactics such as: Guest Post, Local SEO, Google My Business, Brand Mentions... from the inherent advantage of the your brand.

SEO Content: Sustainable Content Development Plan

  • Build content categories that attract customers and convey your brand/ product messages.
  • Optimizing the content of articles to provide information and product descriptions... with popular keywords and tags to increase the ability to reach potential customers.
  • Constantly update useful content to expand potential customers, build a loyal readership community to maintain and grow traffic to your website.

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