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Multiple business models

Appropriate with all business models from retails to agents or all services( spa, hair salon, etc.).

Simple, usable

User-friendly interface, simple operations, precise management, and easy staff training.


Automating all retail operational processes helps minimize workload and optimize staffing costs.

Comprehensive remote management

Real-time updates of complete order information, inventory, revenue, etc., allowing you to monitor and supervise remotely.

Delivering an excellent experience for customers

Fast order processing through scanning devices or POS screens at the counter accelerate sales, ensure accuracy, and minimize errors.

Diverse payment methods: cash, card swipe, bank transfer, online wallets.

Synchronize loyalty points across online channels and enhance customer retention.

Increase conversion rates and drive repeat purchases, buy more with the "closing sale" tool

Easy to set up, easy to deploy, truly effective!

Promotional program

Implement discount programs, wholesale prices, promotions, "buy X get Y", automatically apply to multiple branches to stimulate demand and increase purchases according to business strategies.

Loyalty customer program

Retain customers with loyalty programs, member upgrades, and points redemption to encourage customer engagement and loyalty to your brand.

“The GoSELL software has addressed all the management issues our company was facing. We are so grateful to GoSELL!”

Mr. Viet Dung

Representative of Hai Dang Tomi Company

Comprehensive omichannel, multiple branches

Simplified and reduce maximum the height of workload with GoPOS software.

Product management

Strictly manage hundreds of thousands of products, accurately update the number of products and positions in stock, batch number and expiry date to help you find goods information easily, advise customers quickly.

Orders management

The order creation and processing process is quick. Synchronized management with other online channels.

Inventory management

Minimize the loss of goods with the inventory control feature and accurately manage the quantities of exports, imports, and inventory for each type of goods. Receive warnings for low stock or high inventory to facilitate timely replenishment or discharge of goods.

Employee management

Easily assign operational permissions on the GoPOS platform according to each employee's roles and levels to ensure security and transparency.

Branch management

Track and monitor detailed business performance reports for each branch to make timely adjustments.

Customer management

Manage all customer information, easily categorize based on characteristics, purchasing behavior, etc., to optimize marketing campaigns.

Comprehensive management of the remote retail system

Save time managing and coordinating multi-branch business operations without the need to be physically present at the store.

Clear-accurate reporting

Automatic statistics and detailed reports on revenue, profit, expenses etc. at multiple branches every day. Update profit and loss fluctuations, business situation makes it easy to monitor anytime, anywhere.

Statistics and debt management

Debts will be recorded in detail by coupon code, order code to help you easily manage and search quickly, check transaction history, debt level, debt term etc. of each customer at any store in its branch chain.

Thorough processing of returns

Manage all return order information, update the status of returns, refunds and refunded amounts at each branch to promptly find out information, improve products/services when providing to customers.

Capture customer insight

Easily understand customer needs with products/services to deploy expanded marketing campaigns, stimulating demand and increasing revenue.

Professionalize your retail business model with GoPOS!

Retail store

Modernize and professionalize the image of retail stores, optimize the order information management process with effective support from GoPOS.

Store chain

Synchronize multi-branch business data onto one platform, minimizing work for employees in tracking, monitoring operations, and business efficiency.

Businesses transitioning from online to offline stores

Fully integrate features for effective OAO business: expanding market reach, stimulating demand, increasing purchases, and delivering an excellent shopping experience for customers.

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